A TRIBUTE TO BRIAN WILSON is available on Varese Sarabande Records (distributed by Universal Music). This is a re-mastered version with bonus tracks, including "Sweet Mountain," "Saturday Morning in the City," "Vegetables (Alternative Version)", and "Spirit of Rock and Roll. 


Excerpt from the liner notes:

This album evolved over a ten year period. I am a film and television composer, songwriter (pop/musical theater), and producer by trade (with a wife and three kids) who recorded this labor-of-love in my "spare time", usually between 11:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m., which may account for the album's nocturnal vibe.

The first time I encountered Brian Wilson was at Brother Studio while the Beach Boys were recording 15 BIG ONES. Growing up in Malibu, California during the '60s and '70s the music of the Beach Boys provided the perfect soundtrack to my adolescence. I remember vividly the first time I heard "California Girls" while washing the family car. This incredible sound poured out of the radio and I just had to know who was behind it. The songs presented on this album not only span Brian's forty-year career but also represent his versatility. Many thanks to Brian's collaborators Van Dyke Parks and Tony Asher for their insight and assistance.

When it comes to the subject of the music of Brian Wilson, the uninitiated generally fall into two camps: hard-core rockers who dismiss it as "sissy surf music" or classical snobs who denounce it (and all pop music in general) as too "four chord simple." When I beg their indulgence by playing "Our Prayer" from the 20/20 album, it’s always interesting to see some sort of transformation take place. "Thomas Tallis, Palestrina, Monteverdi"? No ... it’s the kid from Hawthorne!

Brian’s music has a knack for sounding simple on the surface, but it’s never simplistic. In the "production wars" of the '60s, Brian had some stiff competition and he single-handedly rose to the occasion. The Beatles had George Martin and Phil Spector had his "Wall Of Sound." Brian’s "wall" was filled with stained-glass windows and that’s what made his productions in the '60s so unique. Another underlying reason his work endures is due to the healing power of his music.

Brian’s pioneering innovations in pop music are so far reaching that we who write and produce have all been under his influence — whether we realize it consciously or not. If Brian never writes another note it will be fine with me. He's done more than enough. But thankfully Brian is as active as ever with writing, recording, and touring.



Intro (My Prayer) (Parkes)

Gonna Hustle You (Jan Berry- Brian Wilson)

Number One (Wilson-Usher)

I Do (Wilson)

She Rides With Me (Wilson-Christian)

Wonderful (Wilson-Parks)

Wind Chimes (Wilson-Parks)

Vegetables (Wilson-Parks)

I Went to Sleep (B. Wilson-C. Wilson)

Little Children (Wilson)

I'll Bet He's Nice (Wilson)

Almost Summer (Wilson-Love-Jardine)

Solar System (Wilson)

A Day in the Life of a Tree (Wilson-Rieley)

I Wanna Pick You Up (Wilson)

Everything I Need (Wilson-Asher)


Sweet Mountain (Wilson-Sandler)

Saturday Morning in the City (Wilson-Paley)

Vegetables (Alternative Version) (Wilson-Parks)

Spirit of Rock and Roll (Wilson-Usher)