Box O’ Clox Music (site under bocmusicgroup) is a publishing company founded by songwriters.   The songs we write and publish are mainly secular with positive/love messages and some have a conservative political stance. We are self-published with a co-publishing agreement with Cinecam Music Publishing - both affiliated with American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP).      

  Speaking of history--you don't get much older than this church...time, time and half a time...

Speaking of history--you don't get much older than this church...time, time and half a time...

Our personal goal for this company is to make Jesus more famous than the Beatles…!  During an interview on March 4, 1966 John Lennon stated, “Christianity will go-it was vanish and shrink…we’re more popular than Jesus now; I don’t know what will go first-rock and roll or Christianity.” A few months later when the Beatles were to begin another tour of America, John Lennon had to explain what he really meant—that he did not think the Beatles were greater than God and he explained that they could have avoided all the Beatle record burning and controversy by saying: “ TV or cinema" instead of Beatles.  Anything that is more popular in the world than Jesus. Lennon was correct and many priests and pastors eventually agreed that more was needed (and still is) to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus.

Today, as it was in the 60’s, we are still confronted with many of the same distractions such as:  TV, the media and now the internet! It has gotten far worse and the the negative side of the 60’s and 70’s continues with us today (sex, drugs and rock and roll).  We believe that these many distractions can either be good or evil.  We aim to combat the negative outcomes with positive-Godly messages— we aim to please—Jesus.

History of the name “Box O’ Clox”

Why “Box O’ Clox?” What does it mean? Throughout the history of the band, we have had various names as we have changed and grown.  After going through names such as:  The Conveyors, The Moodswings, 3D, The Rockinghams and 20/20.  Charlie had many names as well when he was not with Box O’ Clox such as:  St. Croix, Sunflower, Break Away, Kid Gloves, Big Business and Baby Driver.  We decided that it was time to make a change.  Cameron had a large inspiration with the name “Box Of Clouds.”  We liked the spacey 60’s sound of it at first.   Cameron’s main objective was a name that did not need “the” before it.  Then we began to look at our lives, what we believed and what our music was saying to conceive a new name.

We believe that the end times are here now-- we don't know they will end when Jesus returns.   This was the main reason we started of thinking about time and how much of it the world (and the souls) have left.   We then looked at our songs and realized that a lot of them had a similar theme of time. It needed to capture the theme of our music so we decided to change the “Clouds” to “Clocks” and we were re-branded “Box of Clocks.”  Sometime in 2003, when Cameron was working on his Brian Wilson tribute album, Van Dyke Parks (of Beach Boy fame) suggested that it would be better visually to make it Clox.  Other band members and even Cameron’s wife had thought of this as well, but the lyricist for Smile holds a lot of weight for a little guy!   Larry then made it O’ instead “of” in tribute to his Irish heritage.    Larry later registered the name with (ASCAP) and became a music publisher. He called the new company:  Box O’ Clox Music Publishing Company (ASCAP). That’s the way it is--the band and the company were thus born.