Box O’ Clox Music Publishing Company (ASCAP) has gone out on a musical limb with the launch of this cloud of our 30 year-old songwriting library.  Access to the cloud will be provided to those who are presently seeking songs to record.   A registration form will be required before the access code/password is released to you. The songs will be sample MP3s and not for download.   We can communicate any changes or needs that you may have and work with you until project is complete.   We do not think this has ever been done by songwriters or music publishers.  We are going to lay out our wares, warts and all---meaning from home demos to unreleased masters, for artists, producers and record companies to sample our songs.  An added bonus as indicated on the “about” page is that we will also custom write any song that is in the library--with Christian/Gospel/Inspirational theme lyrics---the melodies are timeless, we believe, so there would not be a need to change the music.  We want to redeem our songs--from secular to Christian the same way God redeemed us when we were Saved (Born Again).  We can also provide the lead/sheet music and arrange/orchestrate for any size production.  We want your help in our effort to reach the lost through music.  Partner with us.   If not, help your church worship team, DO SOMETHING--help Christian artists by buying music (rather than streaming or sharing).  Don’t rip (off) music.   God bless you all.



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