Box O' Clox Music and Films

Thanks so much for logging on to this site.  It was launched as a site to promote the music of the band: Box O' Clox.   The site was first launched as: about 10 years ago.   We have launched this new site under Larry's company: Box O’ Clox Music Publishing Company.   Charlie—AKA, Chaz Pett likes the name better—kind of sounds like Roxy Music.     June 2015 is the start of production for the film documentary called:  John's at the Beach: A Year in the Life.  Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as we give God all the glory for what He is going to do---the doors he will open for us to make this dream a reality.   Other topics for this blog include: Beatles and Beach Boy (Brian) trivia so that may be in a blog or two.   We are also trying to meet and interview Yoko for the film.