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           Article in St. Paul Pioneer Press with Charlie and John's impromptu gig.  Sorry, not the best copy in the world.  That reference is to Charlie's bass player, Marazzo, not the alias he once used.  They did get some notice yet no real success...maybe the story will have a happy ending in real time...

          Article in St. Paul Pioneer Press with Charlie and John's impromptu gig.  Sorry, not the best copy in the world.  That reference is to Charlie's bass player, Marazzo, not the alias he once used.  They did get some notice yet no real success...maybe the story will have a happy ending in real time...

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John's at the Beach (John Lennon's gig with Chaz)

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The Tony Cox story will be only a minor theme in the movie.   There is a 32 minute film entitled: Vain Glory about his involvement with The Walk.  This is how he hid Yoko's daughter so long.  John and Yoko had hired private detectives to search for Kyoko.   Mr. Cox was involved with a cult in L.A. called The Walk or Church of the Living World. He obtained a fake name (Ruth Holman) for Kyoto.

On  the song:“Imagine” not being played: it is possible John had not worked it out on guitar since it was written on the piano. John may have been tired of the song and it had not yet become his signature song and worldwide anthem for peace. He did of course play it later at other concerts and at least at one concert on guitar.

Elliot Mintz was the DJ that had played the whole acetate test pressing of “Sometime in New York City” prior to release. He was reportedly fired from the FM station KLOS (Clear Channel) for this. On October 10, 1971, he had interviewed Yoko on the phone. He stated that he was drawn to her because she was so original.   He was invited by John to come along on the mystery tour with them to San Francisco. Mr. Mintz got very close to Yoko and continued to be her close friend over these many years. He reportedly talked to her for hours on end.  It is unknown why he was not with John and Yoko during the John's at the Beach gig. Larry contacted Mr. Mintz a couple of years ago and like most of the world, he had never heard of this event.   

It is well known that John was avoiding the US Immigration Department after he had his visa revoked around February 1972. It was temporarily extended and then finally revoked sometime around March. From February 14-18 John and Yoko co-hosted the Mike Douglas Show. They performed “Woman is the Nigger of the World” very controversial for the time yet a powerful statement for women’s rights. He may have been on the run at least for a short while. He was ordered to leave the US yet somehow remained and had a concert at Madison Square Garden on August 30. It was called the One to One concert to benefit mentally retarded children of Willowbrook. John’s politics were radical at that time and Nixon was running for re-election. The Republican Convention was scheduled to be in San Diego in June. It was changed to Florida due to rumors that John and Yoko was going to come down and protest and disrupt the event. John and Yoko had stated on the Dick Cavett Show that they were not going to the convention.  They were having a falling out with the extreme left radicals such as Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin. After the election when Nixon won—John did abandon them and said they were just using him for their own political gain. John wanted to be a US citizen and did not want to jeopardize that with radical politics.

Set List:

John loved early rock and rock and this bar gig was no different-Charlie says the music portion lasted about 45 minutes and here is the songs Charlie played with John:

“New York City”

“Blue Suede Shoes”

“Johnny B. Goode”

“Revolution” single version

“Oh Carol” Chuck Berry version

“Well, Well, Well”

“Give Peace a Chance,” maybe not all the verses-but a crowd sing along just the same

“Roll Over Beethoven”

and lastly, the boys (John and Chaz) played a blues then a rock and roll jam. Yoko sat by John’s side throughout the performance. She did not drink but was still smoking in those years. Yoko had an interview with the English newspaper: The Telegraph (2012) She stated that she stopped drinking after Kyoko was born.

We hope to have this script ready to shop around by early next year. Of course this was the peak of Chaz’s musical life thus far. It is hoped that this film will shine some exposure on him and ignite his songwriting and singing career.  

He wrote home to his mom in St. Paul right away.  She told the story to a local entertainment columnist, Oliver Towne.  Chaz’s band at that time consisted of: Jim Marazzo bass; Donny Paulson, lead guitar; and Mike Buckley, drums.  Only Jim, Chaz and his brother George,  went on the cross-country trip from St. Paul, Minnesota to Ventura, California.  The other band members came later.  It was difficult to keep the band together given the geographic and financial difficulties. 

Thank God Chaz had these photos to prove he played with John Lennon.   He had to scramble around the small beach town to find the only person taking photos that day—Stephen Smith.   Not sure where he is now, but thank you, Mr. Smith.  

One mystery still remains and that is how Chaz knew the song “New York City.” Since the album “Sometime in New York City” had just been released June 12. The song was never a single. It was a commercial bomb and also too political for stations to play. That song may have been played prior to the albums release by other stations in the Ventura area.  Lastly, the gig may have been the Saturday following the record release and Chaz being a very quick musical study--had learned the song by ear.

Thanks for reading the nitty gritty!  Let us know what you think of this idea for a movie--we love it!