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Stand Around



I Don’t Want To Talk Politics

Just Wanna Stand Around And Watch The Chicks


I Used To Think The Left Was Right

And The Right Was Wrong

Now I Don’t Know Where I Stand Y’all…I Just Stand Around…


Wanna Stand Around…

I Just Stand Around (Repeat)


I Don’t Wanna Follow The Piper’s Sound

And I Don’t Wanna Look Down Afraid I Might Fall In Love With The Underground…I Just Stand Around.


I Used To Think They Were So Uptight…

I Leaned So Far Left I Could Fly A Kite

Now I Don’t Really Want To Fly At All…I Just Wanna Stand Around…


I Live On An Island With Water All Around - Not Much Room To Stand Around, But I Do Just Like The Best Of You I Stand Around…


Are You For Or Against…Pro Or Con

I’ve Been Had Before So I Know How…How To Stand Around…


I Just Stand Around…Round. Round, Stand Around, I Stand Around…


Don’t Wanna Give Up Now

Might Have To Vote My Heart And How

Maybe On My Sleeve Somehow…I Just Stand Around


I Used To Be In The Line Now I’m On The Web

It Doesn’t Matter Since It’s All Been Said…

I Won’t Follow You Until You Lay It Down.  I’ll Just Stand Around….


I’m The Under Represented And The Under Class.  I Can Make Or Break You.You Bet Your...(Ass - With Crash Sound)

I Have Said My Piece… Or Some Such---(Bleeped)

Oops!  I Just Stepped In It- I Guess I Won’t Stand There.


What Do You Stand For?  I Don’t Think You Care…You Just Stand Around

All Over Town…Just Stand Around…. Oh Go Sit Down.


I Don’t Want To Talk Politics

Just Wanna To Stand Around And Watch The Chicks


Did I Just Say Chicks, That’s Politically Incorrect, I Meant To Say Lady, Woman, Girl…Oh, Go Sit Down.


Lyrics And Additional Music By Larry Dolan

Music By Charlie Pett And Cameron M Parkes

© Copyright 2007-2014 Cinecam Music/Box O’ Clox Music Publishing (Ascap)