Songs for television and Film


Box O’ Clox Music Publishing Company (ASCAP) has launched a cloud for Music Supervisors, Film Directors and Producers.  Access to this cloud will be provided to everyone (public) yet we want to reach those who are presently seeking songs to place into a TV/Film or commercial project.   The songs will be available to sample in MP3 format for easy access.  We can send Wave files to those who contact us and can be verified as having a film/TV project in the works.  We feel strongly that we have a songwriting library that will have a song just right for your project.  We will be adding songs in the near future and this is only a small sample to get us started with this updated website.   We have written over 200 songs either individually or collectively.   Many of the songs are home demos that would need to be re-recorded before being placed into the cloud.    It would be ideal for us to make contact (please complete form) and then we would have an idea of what types of genres, styles or emotions you want to generate with a song.  Our business partner and Box O’ Clox band member, Cameron Michael Parkes, is a film/TV composer.  Larry Dolan received a BA in Radio/TV/Film from California State University at Northridge (CSUN) and Charlie Pett has been writing songs for many years---(30 +) and he has also been a major film buff for even longer---he has an ear for what music and songs are needed in a TV/Film project.  I think we have tooted our horns loud enough already!  We hope the take away from reading this is that we are the ones to turn to for TV/Film songs and music scores.   We can write (custom) songs or score films/TV programs to fit any need.   Our goal is to make a positive influence in Film, TV and the Internet!   

We have gone out on a musical limb with the launch of this cloud with some of our songwriting library.  In the future, we may provide a link for you to directly download a song and it will be registered/licensed for your use in your project.   The registration form below will help us contact you and discuss your project.   We can also provide lead/sheet music and arrange/orchestrate for any size production. Also see our Artists/Producers cloud.  Thank you.


If you would like to use one of our songs in your TV/Film project, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch.

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